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The Doctor of sport is often qualified as "Sport's Doctor" by the public. This confusion of term is perfectly explained, because, as the labor's Doctor has to know the laws and regulations that rule the labor's world, the sport's doctor also has to know the regulations, the ways and Customs of the sport's in which he precisely wish to exercise, often part-time. It's preferable that he exercises one or many sports.

Varies mission
The necessity of multi disciplinarity.
Advice and responsibility
An essential mission

Varies mission.

It means that his mission is not limited to the delivery of a simple aptitude certificate or of a non-contraindication certificate that the athlete often asks his doctor. We have to remember that the delivery of this certificate necessitate a test of effort, the practice of the later (requires) the respect of certain precautions, with the danger of engaging the responsibility of the doctor in case of accidents.

The necessity of multi disciplinarity.

On the other side, because of the various domains that it covers, the Medicine of sports is inevitably multi-disciplinary. Even if the physiologist the cardiologistand the traumatologyst represent important poles, none of the medical discipline is stranger to the Medicine of sports, which can't be claimed by anyone as an exclusive appanage.

Advice and responsibility:

The medical accompaniment of the athletic activity becomes complex and delicate when it deals with high-level athletes, because it also directly involves different advice and recommendations. And if the doctor has to decline the demands of dopage, he also has to know how to avoid the prescription of products found on the list of IOC or he has to be able to explicitly justify the limited therapeutic use.

An essential mission.

These few remarks explain the necessity of a specific and complementary formation in sport's Medicine that exists in many countries. No this teaching will be principally organized in Lebanon under "Capacité de Medecine du sport" delivered by the medical faculties after the cycle of one year. But now there is no insertion at last partial of the sport's Medecine in the normal obligatory career of the Medical studies in Lebanon.